Cute lovable healthy cat and dog eating their meal with PetsDelish Chicken Breast gravy. Healthy dogs treats made in Australia

Low-Fat | grain-free | single-protein

Healthy Food Topper for Dogs & Cats

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Nutritious grain-free food topper made with real food, right here in Australia.

Ideal for fussy eaters, unwell pets, weight management and any dog who deserves a treat! Great for fluffy cats too!

Our Premium Gravy Powder turns into a delicious food topper, enhancing and transforming your pet’s meals forever.

A healthy treat and meal enhancer all in 1!

Full of nutrients such as Omega-3, Amino Acids, Glucosamine and many more. Great for joint health, mobility and better health for your pet.

Mussel Powerhouse | Kangaroo

 Healthy dog treat and pet food meal enhancer all in 1.

A TREAT and meal enhancer in 1!

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Value for money meal topper

Value for money 60 servings per pack,  Serve with some water to make a delicious healthy dog treat gravy
Cute black cat and brown dog relaxing together.  Our dog treats are low in fat, healthy and tasty.  The Chicken dog treat is very low-fat with only 2.1% per 100g.  Great as a cat treat too.



Tempt fussy eaters

Best healthy tasty treat for fussy dogs and cats. If your dog or cat is fussy with their food try our premium gravy as a meal topper (meal enhancer).  This is our Kangaroo plus chondroitin and glucosamine.

Every pet deserves healthy pet treats!

Have you ever wondered what goes into the treats you give your pet?  Or, how they are made? Or, where they are made?

Our PetsDelish Gravy Powders are 100% natural.  They are made under accreditation in Australia using state-of-the-art technology to produce a premium delicious product packed full of nutrients.

How our premium gravy powder is made

  delicious taste PLUS nutrient-dense

What more could you want for the special member of your family?

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